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Mining Bitcoins from the comfort of your home is really easy with Bitmine! In just 3 simple steps, you'll have your own cloud mining hardware with the profitability you need.

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Our mining packages are suitable to anyone. Rent any amount of hashing power from 50 THs up to 5,000 THs.

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What is Bitmine?
Bitmine is a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform offering hosted cryptocurrency mining services.
What is Cloud Mining?
Cloud mining is a safe way to mine cryptocurrency without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. All mined cryptocurrency is distributed among all members of Bitmine depending on their active hashing power.
What are the expected returns?
The results of cryptocurrency mining highly depend on the price and the difficulty of the Bitcoin Network. You can use our Profitability Calculator to estimate the current returns.

Why Us

Control of large quantities of low-cost power and high speed fiber optic connectivity, along with the expertise to build and manage blockchain data spaces, has fueled the rapid growth of The Salcido Enterprises Group of Companies.

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