Frequently Asked Questions

The Bitmine solution is designed for medium and large mining miners who want to optimize their connection to mining pool and ensure maximum performance and revenue.

Bitmine is the global leader in the hash power market, with a vast ecosystem of fintech services. We are bringing Bitcoin and others cryptocurrency to millions of people around the world.

We are a global leader in mining innovation and have been at the center of the mining world for millions of users since 2018.

Our open hashing power marketplace is at the heart of our business model and has proven successful from the start as a leading on-demand hashing power provider.

Bitmine created the original algorithm switching software, and provides solutions for GPU and ASIC miners, and we focus on ease of use.

Bitmine has, arguably, the best support in the industry. Most of our support staff are also minors. We are active all week and weekends. Contact us at support@bitmine.cloud or open a ticket on our support page.

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