About Us

Bitmine is a global cloud mining platform operating large mining data centers in Washington, USA.

Our Business

Our proprietary blockchain data design and replicable, incremental approach means that we remain in the driver's seat, controlling our take rate on additional data space and avoiding large capital improvements while maintaining all the control of having dedicated, large-scale data space that is truly ours!

No stories, facts only

Results speak better than words. Here are just a few short facts from our track record.

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Our Datacenters

We already operate 6 mining datacenters and are developing multiple additional blockchain data centers in Central Washington

Cashmere Data Center

In a custom system design and deployment project, Salcido Enterprises converted a portion of large industrial complex into a multi-megawatt, high-security data processing facility for 24/7 tier-0 cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology operations in Cashmere, WA.

Columbia Data Center

With both dedicated, high-density, multi-megawatt electrical power service and dedicated fiber feeds, this facility proved to be a successful solution to providing an efficient, effective, and secure data space for bitcoin mining and blockchain technology in Wenatchee, WA.

Horizon Data Center

This additional 4-megawatt, high-density space came on line in the 1st quarter 2019. This expansion project provides additional incremental high-security data processing for our cryptocurrency data systems.

Pangborn Data Center

Utilizing our custom system design solution, we deployed 10 megawatts for high-density cryptocurrency and blockchain technology operations at this site in Douglas County, WA. The project was successfully completed in May 2018.

Eller Data center

This site includes 4 MW of dedicated, high-density, electrical power service, along with dedicated fiber feeds, and provides additional efficient, effective, and secure data space for bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology in Douglas County, WA.

Veedol Data Center

This expansive data center complex will deploy 20 megawatts of electrical capacity and will be configured to develop significant incremental high-security data processing capacity for both modular conventional data and cryptocurrency data systems and clients.

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